"If we could have any dj before us on tour, it would always be Pete Smith. Great music knowledge and he is a great performer" - Stafford Brothers (Australia’s #1 DJ’s)

Initially bred on a diet of Aussie Rock, Pete’s music sustenance was converted whilst in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with the purchase of a cassingle by 2‐Unlimited, leading Pete into an eternal quest to uncover the mysteries of dance music. Harbouring an enviable collection of CDs, Pete’s search for a seamless flow in music was found in mixing tunes together. Starting with mixtapes for his friends, Pete then uncovered a genuine affiliation for vinyl, leading him to the natural progression of working behind the decks. Thus commenced an enduring fervor for the turntables and, particularly, a passion for House Music, though his immense talents have lead him through every style; from commercial pop, Top 40, RnB, Hip Hop, House, Electro, Progressive to Hard NRG.

As a specialist in House, Pete believes this genre retains its own unique sound and energy to take the listener through an emotionally charged journey. He focuses on emblazoning the 4/4 beats onto the soul and applying a palette of colours and textures to the mind to leave an indelible impression of throbbing beats and influenced spirits. Whether big room or cocktail lounge, Pete Smith fashions the perfect ambience and takes the audience on an unforgettable expedition through a complex layer of musical textures and perpetually animated beats.

As the first DJ to perform on the green of Suncorp Stadium, Pete certainly knows how to handle a crowd and maintain the ideal ambience. He performs to crowded dancefloors every week as main room resident of Queensland’s leading nightclub, The Met and has been previously thrust into the limelight as music director, producer, and DJ for Ministry of Sound Sessions as well as currently taking the reins on the new music segment on the Today Network’s Revolution heard on over 100 radio stations across Australia every weekend; marking Pete as a true stalwart and unsung hero in the industry. Whether DJing or producing in a radio studio or performing on the stage behind turntables or CDJs, Pete Smith remains the ultimate soundscape engineer.